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Our Philosophy

McCarthy Architecture was founded on the principle that clear and concise communication is the most important factor in the success of our professional relationships. The design and construction process is a complex undertaking that requires a coordinated and focused effort from all participants. At all stages of a project’s evolution, from schematic design to construction administration, our customers, consultants, suppliers, and contractors require up-to-date and complete information. Project meeting minutes, cost estimates, field reports, drawings, and 3D renderings are a few of the tools that we use toward that end.

McCarthy Architecture understands that the design and construction team’s participation must be tailored to accommodate the particular needs of our clients. No two design projects are alike; each of our clients have goals and concerns that are unique. There are no predetermined solutions.

From our professional experience it has been proven that the most successful design and construction efforts result from the active participation and input from the project’s end user. Inspiration for our projects comes from the needs, desires, and aspirations of our customers. As key members of the design team our customers are our greatest asset and provide important insights throughout the design and construction process. Our customer’s budgets and schedules are respected, and attention is given to all details. We take pride in the accuracy and craftsmanship that we bring to our work; our focused participation leads to continuity and responsiveness found only in a small firm.