Saint Anthony CC Final 1 D

Project Description:

McCarthy Architecture is currently working with Saint Anthony Catholic Church on a range of renovations across their church's campus.  The work scope of the current project centers around an expanded sanctuary platform to bring the movement of the liturgy close to the congregation, along with new tile floors, new pews, improved lighting, a new cast stone background for the crucifix, and a new entry canopy to provide a sheltered entry point adjacent to the main parking lot.  In addition, plans are being made for an expansion of the church's administration building.

Project Details:

Size: 10,200 square feet
Contract Type: Competitive Bid
Completion Date: August 2019

Final Photos

Saint Anthony CC - Final 1 D
Saint Anthony CC - Final 2 D
Saint Anthony CC - Final 3 D


Saint Anthony - Rendering 1 Compressed
Saint Anthony - Rendering 2 Compressed

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