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1821 Euclid Townhomes - Dallas, TX

1821 Euclid Construction 1 Compressed

Project Description:

McCarthy Architecture partnered with a local developer to design a series of four-story townhome projects in Dallas' Lower Greenville neighborhood.  Each townhome featues a ground floor garage, living and and dining spaces on the second floor and bedrooms on the upper floors, along with a rooftop patio.  Due to the constraints of the existing residential lots being redeveloped, unit dimensions had to be carefully controlled to maximize the density and usable square footages of the units on site.  In addition, a 36 foot height limit throughout the area necessitated extensive structural and mechanical coordination to allow the four story units to fit within the confines of this height limit.

Project Details:

Size: 1,527-2,181 square feet/unit
Contract Type: Design-Build
Completion Date: June 201

Final Photos

Euclid - Final 1 D
Euclid - Final
Euclid - Final
Euclid - Final
Euclid - Final
Euclid - Final
Euclid - Final
A821 Euclid - Final

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