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Washington Hall - Dallas, TX


Project Description:

McCarthy Architecture recently completed a new seven story, 120,000 square foot, 158 bed residence hall.  One and two bedroom units with individual bathrooms and full sized kitchens were programmed.  The building has a public core containing various meeting and study rooms, a laundry center, a multi-purpose gymnasium, a computer resource lab, library annex, gathering hall and the campus housing department.  The two upper most floors have access to an exterior roof garden. A swimming pool and secured parking to accommodate the facility is incorporated at grade as well.

It was important to the institution’s leadership to explore the potential for a Green Building.  Washington Hall is currently submitted for LEED Certification.  This came about as a collaborative effort of the Owner, Consultant Teams and Contractor working together to maximize the effort for as small a cost to the project as possible.  As part of this effort, the building mechanical systems are currently operating at 35% greater efficiency than the established base line.

Project Details:

Size: 120,000 square feet
Contract Type: G.M.P.
Completion Date: May 2008