DTS Campbell Hall   Final 5

Project Description:

Dallas Theological Seminary set out to expand its available campus classroom capacity.  A recently completed facilities assessment in collaboration with McCarthy Architecture indicated that the seminary, while efficient, was nearing capacity on a number of physical space fronts.  A “found” opportunity was discovered that allowed the use of a small piece of otherwise unusable campus property to increase the size of an existing structure. McCarthy Architecture incorporated variety of classroom renovations in the existing building and designed new classrooms for the addition.

Classroom design has included a myriad of technology capabilities including flexibility for future needs.  These environments have accommodated professors who still preferred a chalk board to those that use the latest advances in computer aided learning.  McCarthy Architecture has participated in everything from bringing classrooms out of the 1960’s into the 21st century to creating small specialized rooms for doctoral studies.  An auditorium was expanded and a new catering kitchen was also added to accommodate the expanded capacity of the academic center.

Project Details:

Size: 32,400 square feet
Contract Type: G.M.P.
Completion Date: August 2005

DTS Campbell Hall - Final
DTS Campbell Hall - Final 2 D
DTS Campbell Hall - Final
DTS Campbell Hall - Final 4 D
DTS Campbell Hall - Final