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Mitchell Book Center - Dallas, TX


Project Description:

McCarthy Architecture was asked by the Dallas Theological Seminary to design a new campus bookstore. The project was programmed to occupy the sanctuary of the existing East Dallas Greek Orthodox Church. The space, although in a state of disrepair, provided a dramatic backdrop for the new bookstore, including a 35 foot high vaulted ceiling, columns with Corinthian capitals and side aisles with two story windows.Extensive millwork was designed in the form of bookshelves, service counters, open office workstations, and shipping and receiving workspace to accommodate the various programmed needs of the bookstore. Light standards were placed at the floor to provide accent illumination. There was no additional lighting from the ceiling as existing non friable asbestos was left in place. Light fixtures were also an integral part of the millwork. Retail space was designated up to seven feet above finished floor. Above this level, additional shelving was designed for overstock storage accessed with a library ladder. The existing columns and side aisles were modified to incorporate individual book alcoves.

Project Details:

Size: 7,500 square feet
Contract Type: Competitive Bid
Completion Date: September 2001

DTS bkstore