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Main Station - Duncanville, TX

Duncanville Main Street   Final 2 D

Project Description:

Main Station is a collaborative effort by private development and the city of Duncanville to create a true destination for downtown. At present, Main Street has evolved into an eclectic grouping of tire shops, thrift stores and churches. There is little identity and no viable shopping. The Main Station project is the lead development in reshaping the area. The design is meant to provide a palate of design elements that are at once evocative of historic main street, USA and at the same time contemporary.  The use of materials and volumes is created at a scale and in such patterns to be used for further development of future projects along this route. Main Station is a mixed use project of 21,000 square feet on two levels. The lower level supports retail and the upper level has residential loft units. The lofts vary in size and are an assembly of exposed concrete decks and steel structure. Several restaurants are planned for the first level as well. The buildings are brought out to the street with parking behind. Broad sidewalks provide room for generous landscaping and for dining to spill out along the street.  There is purposefully no back side to the development as shops and restaurants can be entered for either the street or parking side.  

Project Details:

Size: 21,000 square feet
Contract Type: Competitive Bid
Completion Date: September 2003

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