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Northwest Bible Church - Dallas, TX

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Project Description:

McCarthy Architecture was selected to assist Northwest Bible Church in consolidating their 40 person administration staff to a second level office area.  The existing space was being underutilized by a portion of the staff.  The program called for a greater efficiency of space while at the same time keeping and highlighting their collaborative spirit and required areas for meetings and spontaneous gathering.  The staff is relatively young and was seeking a vibrant energetic design solution that would bring them together physically and as a team.  Offices were reduced to a standard size to provide more staff space and eliminate any inference of hierarchy.  The necessity of office over cubicle space was examined against the true need for privacy and security.  Glass walls were used extensively to bring light into the inner office areas and to promote a sense of transparency.  Exiting ceilings were removed so that the interior space is open to the deck above.  The project was designed around an overarching theme of collaboration and inclusiveness.  The staff gains its strength from a sense of team as all staff are relocated to a common floor.

Project Details:

Size: 8,500 square feet
Contract Type: Competitive Bid
Completion Date: August 2014

Northwest Bible - Final 1D
Northwest Bible - Final 2D
Northwest Bible - Final 3D
Northwest Bible - Final 4D
Northwest Bible - Final 5 D
Northwest Bible - Final 6 D
Northwest Bible - Final 7 D
Northwest Bible - Final 8 D
Northwest Bible - Final 9 D
Northwest Bible - Final 91 D
Northwest Bible - Final 93 D
Northwest Bible - Final 94 D

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