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Southern Methodist University

SMU Harmon Arts Library   Final 1 D2
McCarthy Architecture is currently working on our third indefinite delivery contract for Southern Methodist University. During the first two indefinite delivery contract periods, McCarthy Architecture worked with the
Campus Planning and Plant Operations Department to increase accessibility on campus with the implementation of various ADA projects. Selected projects that enhanced campus accessibility include the redesign of ADA parking stalls, renovation of Hilltop Lane and accessible points along its route. Other projects include restroom renovations at the Hughes Trigg Center.

During the current indefinite delivery contract period, McCarthy Architecture has worked with the Office of Planning, Design & Construction on various office suite, classrooms, lecture halls, and restroom renovation projects on both Southern Methodist University’s main Dallas campus and their Plano campus.

Various Projects

McFarlin Auditorium Concession Stand Renovation
James M. Collins Executive Education Office Suite Renovation
3130 Daniel Student Apartment Shower Maintenance
McFarlin Auditorium Office Suite Renovation
Blue Sky Music Studio Renovation
Hamon Arts Library Room 3210 Renovation
3200 Daniel Residential Suites Renovation
Hamon Arts Library Lobby Renovation
Simmons Hall Classroom Renovation
Fincher Hall Scott Sheffield Energy Investment Lab Renovation
Owen Fine Arts Center Renovation
Embrey Engineering 3rd Floor Renovation

IT - Campus Fiber Renovation
Umphrey Lee Classroom 234-237 Renovation
Hughes Trigg Student Post Office Renovation
Hyer Hall Doctoral Seminar/Classroom Renovation
7th Floor Athletic Office Renovation
14th Floor Expressway Tower Elevator Renovation
Blanton Student Services Building 4th Floor Office Renovation
Loyd All-Sports Center Office Renovation
Dawson Service Center Office Renovation
Clements Hall Classroom & Offices Renovation
Umphrey Lee Center - Lecture Hall & Offices Renovation
Umphrey Lee Center - Classroom Renovation
Umphrey Lee Center - ADA Restrooms Renovation
Umphrey Lee Center - Food Services Office Suite Renovation
Umphrey Lee Center - Classrooms & Offices Renovation
Guild Hall Office Suite Renovation
Dallas Hall Office Suite Renovation
Hughes Trigg Student Center ADA Restrooms Renovation
Hilltop Lane Street Renovation

Completed Project Photos

SMU Fincher - Final 1 D
SMU Guildhall 05 D
SMU Harmon Arts Library - Final 1 D
SMU Umphrey Lee - 241 D
SMU Umphrey Lee - Final 1 D

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