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DTS Facilities Assessment - Dallas, TX

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Project Description:

McCarthy Architecture partnered with the Dallas Theological Seminary to perform an exhaustive Facilities Assessment Analysis that ultimately led to the framework for a campus master plan. The facilities assessment was a collaborative effort that allowed McCarthy Architecture to view the campus culture at length as all staff and faculty departments were interviewed.  This formed the basis to create a comprehensive package of information that became the foundational tool to direct a calculated response to growth. In the process of investigating needs, existing use and efficiencies, campus standards were developed for office and classroom functions and types.

A set of campus standards was developed for the institution. Going forward, campus growth could be accommodated according to a hierarchy of interior spaces formulated from the assessment. Reorganizing existing offices and other work spaces to meet the new criteria created a more diverse use of space and at the same time eliminated the politics of space. The outcome was a real time document that literally accounted for every staff member and every space on campus.

Project Details:

Size: 800,000 square feet
Firm's Role: Master Planning

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