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McCarthy Architecture was founded on the principle that clear and concise communication is the most important factor in the success of our professional relationships. The design and construction process is a complex undertaking that requires a coordinated and focused effort from all participants. At all stages of a project’s evolution, from schematic design to construction administration, our customers, consultants, suppliers, and contractors require up-to-date and complete information. Project meeting minutes, cost estimates, field reports, drawings, and 3D renderings are a few of the tools that we use toward that end.

Grayson-Collin Electric Cooperative Progress

Construction is continuing to progress along at Grayson-Collin Electric Cooperative's new headquarters in Van Alstyne.  At the exterior of the office building, brick and stone veneers are almost complete, and the exterior as a whole is beginning to take on its final aesthetic.  In the interior of the office building, finish-out work is continuing with the installation of door frames, ceilings, mechanical and electrical equipment, among other trades.  At both the warehouse and maintenance buildings, exterior work is essentially complete and interior-finish out work is quickly approaching completion, with only certain fixtures and finishes remaining.

Grayson 10 6 17 1 COMPRESSED

Grayson 10 6 17 2 COMPRESSED

Grayson 10 6 17 3 COMPRESSED

Grayson 10 6 17 4 COMPRESSED

Grayson 10 6 17 5 COMPRESSED

Grayson 10 6 17 6 COMPRESSED

Grayson 10 6 17 7 COMPRESSED

Grayson 10 6 17 8 COMPRESSED

Grayson 10 6 17 9 COMPRESSED

Lower Greenville Townhomes Progress
Advantage Academy Progress


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