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Islamic Association of Collin County Progress

At the Islamic Association of Collin County's campus in Plano, construction on new second floor classrooms is continuing to take shape along both the north and south sides of their facility.  At the north side expansion, the shell of the new second floor classrooms is almost complete and the existing first floor classrooms below this area are being prepared to reopen.  At the south side, demolition and construction are taking place concurrently with an existing steel roof structure having been removed to allow for the installation of a new floor deck.  Now with this floor deck in place, steel has been erected for the new second floor spaces above.  In addition, preparations are being made for a new elevator shaft in the southernmost corner of the facility which will be constructed over the next couple of weeks.

IACC 12.20.2018 1 D

IACC 12.20.2018 2 D

IACC 12.20.2018 3 D

IACC 12.20.2018 4 D

IACC 12.20.2018 5 D

IACC 12.20.2018 6 D

IACC 12.20.2018 7 D

IACC 12.20.2018 8 D

Deanan Gourmet Popcorn Expansion Progress
Islamic Association of Collin County Progress


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