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Lower Greenville Townhomes Progress

Since our last update, construction has visibly progressed at all four Lower Greenville-area townhome projects.  At 1831 Bennett, exterior windows and doors have been installed, and the installation of exterior materials is beginning to give the project its final appearance.  In addition, interior work is beginning to take place as the building is sealed up.  At 5719 and 5907 Lindell, framing and exterior sheathing are almost complete, and we will be seeing the installation of windows, doors and exterior materials over the coming weeks.  In addition, mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-ins will be taking place.  At 1821 Euclid, framing is continuing to take shape at the second floor, and will continue to move vertically.

1831 Bennett 12 12 COMPRESSED

5719 Lindell 12 12 COMPRESSED

5907 Lindell 12 12 COMPRESSED

1821 Euclid 12 12 COMPRESSED

First Baptist Wylie Progress
Advantage Academy Progress


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