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OurCalling Women's Center Progress

At the OurCalling Women's Center, construction is quickly progressing along on finish-out for the space.  Since our last update, framing along with mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough-ins have been completed.  In addition, the installation of window frames, millwork and new lighting has taken place.  Over the coming weeks, construction will shift towards interior finishes and the installation of electrical devices and plumbing fixtures.

Deanan Exterior CROPPED REDONE D

Deanan Interior D

SMU Fondren 012320 3 D

SMU Fondren 012320 4 D

OurCalling Womens Center 02192020 5 D

OurCalling Womens Center 03242020 6 D

OurCalling Womens Center 03242020 7 D

OurCalling Womens Center 03242020 8 D

OurCalling Women's Center Progress
Estates at Shaddock Park Fitness Center


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