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Farmers Electric Cooperative
Greenville, Tx

Project Details

  • Size: 33,835sq. ft.

  • Contract Type: Competitive Bid

  • Anticipated Completion Date: June 2010

McCarthy Architecture was selected to assist Farmers Electric Cooperative (FEC) to build a new dispatch, maintenance and warehouse facility.  As part of FEC’s strategic planning, McCarthy Architecture is incorporating this new facility into FEC’s existing master plan. We chose to use this project as an example because this project illustrates our ability to design a facility for a client that can provide for the protection, maintenance, and storage of valuable equipment and resources.


Farmers Electric Cooperative is a local non-profit organization that provides electric services to several rural communities. The facility we are building allows FEC to provide a dispatch center that is protected from severe weather when power outages are most prevalent. This safety allows FEC to send Linemen to the field to repair downed lines and restore services to customers quickly and efficiently. Included in this project is a large warehouse where materials, equipment and fleet vehicles will be stored, repaired and prepared for deployment.

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