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Grayson-Collin Electric Cooperative  
Van Alstyne, Tx

Project Details

  • Size: 66,000 s.f.

  • Contract Type: G.M.P.

  • Anticipated Completion Date: January 2018

Due to a rapid outgrowth of their existing 1990’s headquarters facility, the Grayson-Collin Electric Cooperative selected McCarthy Architecture to develop a new headquarters on a 40 acre site in Van Alstyne.  As an integral part of the planning and design process, the electric cooperative sought a facility which could accommodate their anticipated space needs for the next 20 years.  Included in the project scope is a 37,000 s.f. office building with offices, open office space, conference areas, locker rooms, a fitness room, a public lobby, a large multi-purpose room and a hardened area for emergency operations.  In addition, a 17,000 s.f. warehouse building, a 6,000 s.f. maintenance facility and covered vehicle storage fill out the remainder of the site.

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