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Northwest Community Center
Dallas, TX

Project Details

  • Size: 18,500 sq. ft.

  • Contract Type: Competitive Bid

  • Anticipated Completion Date: February 2016

McCarthy Architecture was selected to assist Northwest Bible Church in realizing its vision for a refugee resource center in a neighborhood of Dallas with a highly concentrated refugee population. The Northwest program called for a multi-purpose worship space, classrooms, childrens’ and young adult areas, administration space, shared ministry spaces, and a large gathering area to allow for conversation and mentoring. The first floor of a three story building was available in the area and was gutted to provide space for the new program. Refugees are able to utilize the new facility for worship, counseling, job training and simply having a safe, comfortable environment to create assimilation opportunities. The overarching theme of the project was to create a welcoming, safe location for refugees to be received by the Northwest Bible Church community.

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