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Ridgewood Belcher Recreation Center  Dallas, TX

Project Details

  • Size: 6,380 sq. ft.

  • Contract Type: Competitive Bid.

  • Anticipated Completion Date: June 2012

McCarthy Architecture was selected to assist the City of Dallas, Parks and Recreation Department in the renovation of an aging and outdated recreational facility near Mockingbird Station. The City of Dallas desired to utilize the interior space more efficiently, as well as bring more life into the dated 60’s era structure on a very strict bond budget. As a result of the limited budget, McCarthy Architecture chose to make minimal modifications to the building's exterior to preserve the majority of the funds allotted for the project. Even with this restriction present, McCarthy Architecture was able to provide a cohesive and inviting presentation to the public allowing for easier access and recognition. The interior has been reprogrammed to meet the expanded requirements outlined by the City to allow for the most efficient functionality. Materials have been selected for minimal maintenance and durability in this high traffic environment. When complete, Ridgewood Recreational Center will have new offices, a workout room, classrooms, as well as a renovated meeting room, lobby, kitchen and accessible restrooms to ensure that all patrons may enjoy the entire facility.

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