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Richardson Ice Training Center
Richardson, Tx

Project Details

  • Size: 120,504 sq. ft.

  • Contract Type: Competitive Bid

  • Anticipated Completion Date: August 2002

McCarthy Architecture was selected to design a hockey practice facility with dual sheets of ice. The building was designed to provide around the clock practice and game time to hockey leagues throughout the DFW area. The growing popularity of the sport created a shortage of such facilities.

The facility is wedged onto a site with multiple overlays of ordinances and restrictions created by the city of Richardson. Special code applications were “created” for the ammonia systems that are pivotal to ice production.  A number of “indestructible” locker rooms, showers and restrooms were designed for team use, as well as large equipment rooms to house cooling equipment.  A pro shop located within a central lobby provides check in and skate repair and sharpening.

The installation of the floor for the rinks and the equipment that provided cooling required exacting conditions and coordination.  McCarthy Architecture worked closely with the rink installer to provide proper detailing for the implementation of their systems.

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