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Buckingham Townhomes
Austin, TX

Project Details

  • Size: 43,265 sq. ft.

  • Contract Type: Competitive Bid

  • Anticipated Completion Date: March 2009

McCarthy Architecture was selected to assist Buckingham Partners rebuild a 1960’s era apartment complex that had been destroyed by fire.  The site is located near Austin's flourishing downtown and medical center, so the owner did not want to rebuild the exact same outdated design of apartments.  He felt that a townhouse layout with larger two story units would be more marketable to the young professionals in the area.  After the original apartments were constructed, the property was rezoned.  As a result, the City would only allow the owner to rebuild if the existing foundations were reused.  The owner challenged the design team to execute a more contextually contemporary aesthetic for the development.  After working closely with the owner and the City of Austin, a final design was produced that met both of their criteria.  The 43,265 square foot apartment complex has 7 buildings with 57 townhouse apartment units.  “Austin Stone” masonry veneer was used on the exterior, and towers with metal roofs were placed at all entries to give the complex a “Hill Country” look that would be recognizable to the community.  

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